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Our Offerings

TAs & Apps for Splunk Enterprise & Cloud

Our experienced team of engineers work closely with Splunk and its partners / customers and has built 50+ Splunk Apps and Technology Add-ons (TAs) on Splunk Enterprise & Cloud for Global Fortune 500 clients.

Splunk IT Services Intelligence (ITSI)

Crest is the only partner responsible for developing ITSI Modules on behalf of Splunk. We help clients pinpoint problems quickly by mapping critical services with KPI using advanced features such as glass tables and anomaly detection.

Splunk Enterprise Security (ES)

We have extensive experience in building ES Modules for Global companies as well as security startups to develop advanced insights for security technologies such as network, endpoint, access, malware, identity, and vulnerability.

Adaptive Response (AR) for Splunk ES

Our AR implementation experts build custom apps that provide bi-directional integration between customer’s product and Splunk. We shorten the time from anomaly recognition to response by automating end-to-end workflow.

Success Stories

Cisco ACI for Splunk

This app uses Cisco’s open API framework to collect APIC events, health scores and inventory data to deliver centralized, real-time visibility for applications and ACI infrastructures across bare metal and virtualized environments. Read more…

EMC Isilon for Splunk

This app provides enhanced visibility into your cluster including inventory, performance, critical events including detailed drill-downs, built-in correlation resulting in comprehensive analytics and faster problem resolution. Read more…

NetApp SANtricity for Splunk

This app provides visibility into the health and performance of NetApp E-Series and EF-Series storage systems and let user track array, controller and volume performance. Read more…

Cisco Nexus App for Splunk

This app gathers data from Nexus 9k (standalone mode) enabling you to track number of spines and leafs along with its line card, fan tray, power modules, supervisor module, power and temperature status. It also lets you collect port statistics and performance. Read more…

EMC XtremIO for Splunk

This app provides enhanced visibility into your XTremIO cluster including inventory, performance, critical events including detailed drill-downs, built-in correlation resulting in comprehensive analytics and faster problem resolution.

OpenStack Analytics for Splunk

This app provides visibility into OpenStack cloud and provides deeper visibility into Nova, Keystone, Cinder, Ceilometer, and Neutron components.

What is Splunk Adaptive Response?

Splunk Adaptive Response initiative is aimed at helping security analysts better handle threats by shortening dramatically the time between recognizing an anomaly to taking a response. The Adaptive Response framework is geared to automate the defense strategy across multi-layered heterogeneous security architectures.

Adaptive Response model combines alert and threat information from multiple security domains and technologies. This collective insight enables security teams to make better-informed decisions across the entire kill chain, especially when validating threats and applying analytics-driven response directives to their security environment


 How can Crest Data Systems help?

Crest Data Systems helps clients to build custom solutions which enable bi-directional integrations between their product and Splunk using the Adaptive Response Framework. These solutions help to create an automated workflow thereby reducing the time to respond to threats dramatically and enabling SOC administrators to take the right action without any delays and more importantly without any human intervention. Adaptive response features provide deeper visibility into the endpoints than ever before offering greater security and business value to the customers.

Splunk Ninjas

While there is no substitute to hands-on work experience, we still add values in following ways

  • 40+ engineers dedicated to Splunk-related projects
  • Splunk certifications as validation of our capabilities
  • One of the largest Splunk Development Partners
  • One-Stop shop for all your Splunk needs

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