What is AIOPs?

Engage us to implement proactive, intelligent and automated IT Operations that gives cognitive insights across services, applications and infrastructure.

ITOps and AIOps Technologies and Platform Integration

What is ITOps/AIOPs?

AIOps brings artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science to go from reactive to predictive IT Operations. AIOps automate processes with significantly reduced human intervention and manual efforts. As per recent research by TechValidate found that 97% of surveyed IT organizations agreed that AIOps-enabled solutions that deliver actionable insights will help automate and enhance overall IT Operations functions.

Key Drivers for AIOps

In traditional software release process the development team builds and tests code in their private environment and releases it to a operations team for production. Since two teams work separately, it becomes difficult for the development team to become fully aware of operational complexities like infrastructure, configuration, deployment, log management, and performance monitoring. These departmental silos between development and operations can slow down the production releases. The DevOps approach makes development and operations work together seamlessly. By applying DevOps tools and principles that automate the process and reduce the complexity of version control, configuration management, continuous integration, deployment, and continuous performance monitoring. This close alignment enables organizations to deliver new releases in days rather than in months while improving the reliability of the application thereby giving a competitive edge to the organizations.
Our expertise
Our AIOps Technology and Platform Expertise​
CREST AIOps will play a key role in enabling new efficiencies for IT teams. We make practical the adoption of complex next generation AIOps technologies and platforms and integrate them with traditional ITSM solutions. CREST AIOps experts not only helps IT teams to identify problems and areas of concern, it also enables quick resolution of issues once they have been identified using following technologies.