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Project Location(s):
Ahmedabad, India
Job Type:
Full time, Employee


Crest Data Systems is a leading provider of Data Center solutions in the areas of Data Analytics, Security, ITOps/AIOps, DevOps and Cloud. Crest Data Systems strives to help clients build cutting-edge solutions that help them outperform their competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve.  We would love to have you as part of our Journey where we don’t just accept difference—we celebrate it, we support it. This job opening is for Technical Support Lead with 5+ years of experience.


  • Accountable for day to day level 3 support for our global support model team.
  • Able to lead a technical troubleshooting session as well as able to interact with business stakeholders.
  • Work closely with other Support, Development, Infra and QA teams for a smooth execution of production
  • Drive the team to investigate and analyze production issues, resolve issues in a timely manner and have good troubleshooting skills.
  • Work with the global leads in coordinating with the Development and Infrastructure teams to address and resolve issues.
  • Ensure standards, best practices and compensating controls are followed as part of day to day responsibilities.
  • Pro-actively monitor the alerts, Web and Database systems performance.
  • Support High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Sustained Resiliency, Chaos Engineering events.
  • Demonstrate effective client communication during major production incidents.


  • Should be familiar with Zendesk, JIRA, Confluence, OpenOffice type of apps, Exavault, Champagne, access to Saas envs.
  • Good knowledge of UNIX commands needed for troubleshooting to check processes, memory, CPU, disk space, ports in use, firewalls, permissions, searching for and in files, etc.
  • Working knowledge of 3rd party products including basic troubleshooting.
  • Experience working on MySQL / Percona – config/logs and basic queries including performance.
  • Be familiar with most common product features on the UI and backend
  • Should have some knowledge of Java and JavaScript to be able to read and understand the functions of specific source code.
  • Require good understanding of the AIOps architecture and how the components interact /are linked
  • Able to install/upgrade a single host AIOps system
  • Should be able to identify and understand all aspects of a customer’s implementation configuration, customization as well as the performed workflows to reproduce the problem
  • Able to implement/test a customer problem scenario including HA related problems
  • Should Know the relevant troubleshooting options for each component or feature/function
  • Enable/modify tracing provided by the product and find log files – diagnostic/monitoring options
  • Examine, sort, extract and analyse information in log files
  • Write simple sql queries or gather performance info
  • Create and interpret thread/stack dumps

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