Case Study: Cisco ACI for Splunk Enterprise

Cisco ACI for Splunk Enterprise

Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) is the revolutionary product in the area of Software Defined Network (SDN). It’s approach focuses on the most important thing in the data-center: Applications. Without applications, we would not even need a data center at all! Everything we do in the data center ultimately is used to support those applications and the data that they work on because that is what ultimately drives business value. The Splunk App for Cisco ACI combines the power and flexibility of Splunk with a tailored experience for Cisco ACI.

Benefits of Cisco ACI for Splunk Enterprise solution:

  • Gain real time visibility across your entire ACI deployment.
  • Role based access and customized dashboards for various roles in your data center e.g Helpdesk Admin, Fabric Admin, Application Admin.
  • Detailed performance data including health and faults for your Application and Fabric to be able to analyze, prevent and fix problems.
  • Authentication tracking and historical statistics for local and remote users of APIC controller.
  • VMware integrations to be able to correlate data of Client End points of ACI with ESX data to root cause and fix problems easily.


Programming Language: Python
GUI Framework: Javascripts
Framework: Splunk

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