Case Study: DELLEMC Isilon App for Splunk Enterprise

DELLEMC Isilon App for Splunk Enterprise

EMC Isilon takes a scale-out approach to storage by creating a cluster of nodes that runs a distributed file system. It combines three functions of traditional storage systems – filesystem, volume manager and Data Protection – into single software layer and creating single filesystem that spans across all nodes within a cluster.

The EMC Isilon App for Splunk Enterprise provides enhanced visibility into your cluster including detailed drill-downs, built-in correlation resulting in comprehensive analytics and faster problem resolution.

Benefit of EMC Isilon App for Splunk Enterprise includes:

  • Track near real-time Cluster inventory in terms of nodes, SSDs, CPUs, Disks, storage pools, access zones etc
  • Monitor & Analyse Cluster performance data like disk usage, file system throughput, network throughput, CPU usage and cache hit/miss rates
  • Monitor Client connections and operation rates for all supported protocols.
  • Track Critical events and provide ability to drill down into the events.


Programming Language: Python
Framework: Splunk
Platform: Independent

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