Case Study: NetApp SANtricity App for Splunk

NetApp SANtricity App for Splunk

The NetApp E-Series storage system is a world leader when it comes to meeting demanding performance and capacity requirements without sacrificing simplicity and efficiency. Its balanced performance supports high-performance file systems, bandwidth-intensive streaming applications and transaction-intensive workloads. With the significant amount of machine-generated data captured every day, customer did not have a way to monitor and troubleshoot the multiple platforms in their environment. Day to day IT operations were quiet time consuming and complex. Customers want greater data visibility and performance from these applications to make the best decisions in a fast-changing business landscape. The ability for customers to glean meaningful, actionable results from their structured and unstructured data quickly was becoming extremely critical.

Benefits of NetApp SANtricity App for Splunk Enterprise includes:

  • Track real time performance parameters like IOPs, Latency, Throughput
  • Track inventory data like arrays, controllers, volumes, volume groups and disks
  • Critical and high severity events which might be an indication of deployment issues.


Programming Language: Python
GUI Framework: Javascripts
Framework: Splunk


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