Case Study: Puppet Module for NetApp E-Series

Puppet Module for NetApp E-Series

The NetApp E-Series data storage system delivers excellent performance efficiency in application driven environments. It enables efficient scaling for performance and capacity and leverage a field proven architecture for high reliability and 99.999% uptime.

Puppet Module for NetApp E-Series is a module written for Puppet in Ruby. This module allows configuration management of NetApp E-Series storage devices using Puppet's powerful configuration management capabilities in a simple way on number of Puppet Agent nodes in large infrastructures.

Benefits of using Puppet Module for NetApp E-Series:

  • Automated install, upgrade and removal of NetApp SANtricity Web Proxy software
  • Automate the configurations like creation, modification and deletion of Storage Pools, Volumes
  • Host and LUN mappings and Consistency Groups.
  • Automated the Volume Snapshots configuration management
  • Automated upgrades of Storage System Controller Firmware and NVRAM firmware.
  • Automated Flash Cache configuration management.
  • Application of the configurations in specified order of dependency.


Programming Language: Python, Ruby
Supported Devices: NetApp E-Series Storage Devices
Puppet Platforms: Puppet Enterprise > 2015.2.x and Puppet Open Source > 4.x
OS Platforms: Red Hat, CentOS, SUSE, Oracle Linux, Windows
NetApp SANtricity Web Services Proxy: V1.2 (except Flash Cache management) and V1.3

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