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Tableau : Data Visualization

Tableau provides data visualization that highlights the data to make better business decisions.
Tableau facilitates users, to get a hands-on proficient analysis of their business data. It
empowers the user to attain a competitive edge with intuitive data visualization and
analysis. Users can explore distinct aspects of their own business in a lot more
resourceful and valuable style.

Tableau has a distinctive capability of connecting to any and every type of dynamic,
static or live data source. It also facilitates users to connect two different types of data
sources to be used as a combined data source (Example: Excel + SQL). This helps the
whole organization, work on updated and real-time visualizations. The users can convert
their data into self-explanatory dashboards and interactive visualizations in merely no
time, to draw insightful decisions for the business. The time and cost-effectiveness can
be witnessed due to this user-friendly interface.

Key Benefits

  • Device specific dashboards
  • Easy accessibility to ios & android applications
  • Advanced analytics & cross-database joins
  • Customized charts & reports
  • Direct query to a data source using custom SQL-query
  • 60+ supported data servers
  • Timely data updates
  • Mapping capabilities & active directory integration
  • Best & easy connectivity with cross-platform data sources
Programming Language:
Platform: Independent

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