SentinelOne Portable Scanner

This application has capabilities like scanning files and detecting malicious files from a given location.

Executive Summary

This application has capabilities like Scanning of Files and detecting Malicious files from a given location. It will reside in an external portable drive like USB in the executable foam and it works as in the self-hosted mode which does not require any pre-installation. It has plug and play features in windows-based operating systems (windows server 2000 and above). The application should be capable of managing scanning logs inside the USB drive. Along with scanning files to detect malware from the user's specified location, It also has capabilities to execute action if malware is detected during the scanning process. The action can be Delete, Ignore, Rename the file. It will store all configuration settings in the configuration file in the USB drive itself.

About Customer

SentinelOne is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses of all sizes manage processes related to the entire threat lifecycle for providing endpoint security. SentinelOne's endpoint detection and response (EDR) module automates mitigation of bugs/issues and ensures immunity against newly discovered threats.

Business Challenge

SentinelOne provides efficient scanning capabilities to detect malicious files. The biggest challenge was to scan all files/directories from Windows OS and perform actions accordingly. Also, it should be portable and can be hosted easily on Windows OS.

Customer Solution

Crest Data Systems helps clients to build scanners specifically for Windows Operating systems which can reside in USB drives which fulfill customer requirements of having a portable scanner. It allows users to scan files or directories and detect if any files are malicious. Based on scan results, it will also allow users to perform actions like Delete/Rename/Ignore. High level use cases are mentioned below.


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