Splunk Add-on for PureStorage Flashblade

Splunk Add-on for PureStorage Flashblade

Delivered visualizations for the users to review timely performance and detailed analysis of an array or file systems.

Executive Summary

Visualizations for users to the timely performance and a detailed analysis of an array or file systems.

About Customer

Pure Storage is a public company headquartered in Mountain View, California, United States. It develops all-flash data storage hardware and software products. Pure Storage was founded in 2009 and developed its products in stealth mode until 2011.

Business Challenge

PureStorage FlashBlade is the most advanced file and object storage – architected to consolidate complex data silos (like backup appliances and data lakes). FlashBlade provides Elastic Scale-Out, Easy management, 1.5Tb/s Throughput and Metadata Performance. Their main challenge was to display the performance of the arrays and file systems, alerts with the detailed view as well as monitor the health of each blade all at one place. Also, they want user to get the Email notification in case of critical alerts.

Customer Solution

The Splunk Add-On for PureStorage FlashBlade allows Splunk software administrator to collect the data related to health, performance and alerts on periodic basis using modular input. Based on the data collected Splunk App for PureStorage FlashBlade is used to provide visualizations which enables user to check the timely performance of an array or file system, health of the blade and detailed analysis of each file system include its capacity, data reduction, etc. It also allows user to visualize all the alerts generated on the FlashBlade and sends critical alert notification on the user configured email address using Splunk Alerts.


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