Symantec ATP App


Symantec ATP App

Symantec ATP app provides various visualizations for Network, Endpoint and Email threat protection using Splunk.

Executive Summary

Email malware and phishing Data Source Aggregation in Splunk and Splunk Enterprise Security Suite (ES) application Development for Adaptive Response

About Customer

Symantec’s teams around the world are developing technologies and building solutions to help customers to securely manage their information. The company has a robust portfolio and a long history of technology leadership.

Business Challenge

Symantec Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) helps you to uncover, prioritize, investigate and remediate complex attacks across endpoint, network, web and email domains by providing various means to collect data from Symantec Endpoint Security, Web and Email To efficiently protect the organization from these threats it is very important to correlate all the data and provide a deep insight on security threats as well as some preventive measures to protect from these threats.

Customer Solution

Splunk Infrastructure Management:

The Crest Difference

Crest developed Splunk Symantec ATP app provides prebuilt dashboards and panels along with other UI elements tailored for an ATP user. These dashboards helps the ATP users to get an overview as the app contains aggregated as well as individual visualizations which correlates data collected from Symantec ATP and Symantec Email Security cloud. It also provides Splunk Adaptive Response for Splunk Enterprise Security Suite (ES) app which allows us to isolate affected endpoints or delete affected files right from within Splunk. ATP users can also correlate the ATP data in Splunk with the data collected from other data center technologies in Splunk.


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