Significantly reduced the database management time for their customers, increasing Vertica's footprint on the market.

Executive Summary

Vertica (an advanced unified analytical warehouse) needed a fully managed data warehouse as a service for Vertica DB, via an easy-to-use, automated managerial platform. This would significantly reduce the database management time for their customers, increasing Vertica's footprint on the market.

About Customer

Vertica Systems is an analytical database management software company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the United States. It has produced a column-oriented Vertica Analytics Platform, designed to manage exabyte scalability, query-intensive data.

Business Challenge

Vertica needed a solution that makes the data warehouse so easy to access that users can just use the database and not worry about managing it. The Vertica Systems Operations team required automation which made infrastructure, security, monitoring manageable on fingertips. The following were expected outcomes.

Customer Solution

Crest Data Systems helped Vertica Systems build a next-generation automation management and monitoring solution, from scratch. This solution runs on AWS cloud infrastructure in a customer’s AWS account, empowering customers to preserve all negotiated pricing while automating the setup and management of the Vertica environment. With this, the customer has the data and compute resources on their secure cloud and can maintain preferred pricing flexibility with AWS. This solution architecture comprises various technologies like Terraform, Jenkins, Docker, Python, React, and AWS.

The Crest Difference

This next-generation automation system helped the Vertica Systems Operations team achieve the demand for easy, high, and swift yet efficient availability of their data warehouse to the customers without worrying much about underlying database management.


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