TruSTAR Integration With IBM Resilient

Enhance your security posture by sharing information and automation with TruSTAR and IBM resilient systems

Executive Summary

The ever-accelerating flood of software vulnerabilities and innovative cyber-security attack techniques leaves increasingly fewer organizations capable of defending themselves and safeguarding their sensitive data. Information sharing becomes critical for a SOC as it allows them to enhance their security posture by learning in advance from their peers within the InfoSec community and deploy proven defensive measures.

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Technology and Platform
  • SOAR - IBM Resilient

About Client

TruSTAR is a threat intelligence exchange platform built to protect and incentivize information sharing. The platform helps break down security operations silos, helping enterprises and IT admins to achieve real-time threat awareness, expedite the investigation, and know what’s coming next.

Business Challenge

TruSTAR is a threat intelligence exchange platform customers wanted to enrich the security context of their Security incidents by submitting incident data to TruSTAR’s threat intel.

Client Solution

TruSTAR partnered with Crest Data Systems to build an integration with IBM’s Resilient Systems to automatically sends Incident information to TruSTAR and in turn enriches security context for the Incident, which helps in filtering out false positives and take correct decisions.

The Crest Difference

Reduced hours of manual error-prone work into seconds significantly improves the security posture and reduces the exposure for the customers.

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