Splunk Services

Customers rely on Splunk to make sense of their machine data from various domains such as IT Operations, Security, IoT, Big Data, DevOps, Business Analytics, Cloud Solutions, Log Management, and more—accessible, usable, and valuable through the collection, storage, indexing, and search capabilities.

Our comprehensive Splunk Services have helped companies ranging from small Startups to Global Fortune 500 Enterprises with –

  • Deploying large-scale Splunk infrastructure, onboarding data from various IT Ops, Security, and IoT data sources, and upgrading Splunk
  • Building custom Apps that follow Splunk best practices
  • Implementing customized professional and managed services for Day-0 (Architecture & Design), Day-1 (Installation & Setup), and Day-2
  • Operations (Maintenance & Upgrades) with our certified Splunk Architects and Consultants