SplunkOps Workbench

About SplunkOps Workbench

OpenStack SplunkOps workbench is a secure, scalable multi-tenant, AI-driven platform that radically simplifies Splunk day-to-day operations tasks using automation. The workbench comprises of advanced telemetry and automation features which ensures four pillars of Splunk deployment success including:

  • Operational Excellence using intuitive config wizards, pre-defined workflows & runbooks, validations based on Splunk best practices, improved stability & scalability
  • Reliability with built-in observability tools, problem detection algorithms and AI-driven actions and intelligent automation
  • Performance Efficiency with optimal tuning and automation of 80% of Splunk tasks so the team can focus on higher value activities
  • Lower TCO as a result of reduced personnel, Splunk infra, and NOC (Incident Management) costs
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