ElasticSearch to Splunk Migration

Automated Tool for Hassle-free Error-free Migration


Why Migrate from ElasticSearch to Splunk?

Customers often begin their journey of gaining operational intelligence with an open source platform as the barrier to entry is low. But as the monitoring or analytics teams find more use cases they run into several problems:
So, as the analytics journey of Enterprises mature and customers realize the need to migrate from ElasticSearch, customers often find that their “sunk” investment in ElasticSearch to be a major impediment to migration to Splunk.

Key Benefits of Splunk Migration Tool

Icons_Page-04a_Support and Optimization
Automated Process
Icons_Page-04a_Faster time to Migrate
Reduce Migration Time
Reduce Operational Cost

Major Functions and Stats of ElasticSearch Migration Tool

ElasticSearch tool will automate the tasks of migrating the data and visualizations from ElasticSearch. It triggering actions, such as, creating Splunk Index, migrating specific data from any index to another, and migrating dashboards/visualizations. Below are the Four major functions are performed by our ElasticSearch Migration tool:

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