Engineering Services

Crest Data Systems helps enterprises deliver next-gen enterprise software integrations and solutions in the areas of Data Analytics, ML/AI, Cybersecurity, and Cloud using industry-leading technology platforms.

Our broad technology experience and partnerships with top-tier technology and platform vendors enable us with early insights on future technology enhancements to provide valuable engineering services to our customers. Our solutions do not just follow the best practices of implementing any platform but take into consideration a forward-looking view of the evolution of technology. We truly understand our customer’s business challanges and needs by having deep technical and business discussions to unlock greater value for the customers. We offer following services for large-scale enterprises and promising startups

Software Development

We help small and large Enterprises design, develop, and deploy software solutions that run on Cloud or On-premises. We deliver high-performing, end-user-focused software applications and products by leveraging industry-leading technologies and platforms.

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Enterprise Integrations

Our Solutions Architects bring technology and domain expertise to help integrate applications and data sources across different functional silos to bring business agility and technological edge to Enterprises.

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We leverage diverse sets of DevOps tools and principles to automate software development and release processes by reducing the complexity of version control, config management, continuous integration, deployment, and monitoring.

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App Modernization

We help Enterprises modernize their aging applications by rewriting them using modern languages, databases, and software engineering practices while running these applications on-premises or on the cloud.


Our engineers can help automate a business process, data-flow between any products, implement DevOps methodologies, and provide better software code execution coverage for products by seamlessly integrating with your engineering practices.

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