Enterprise Integrations

With a 600+ enterprise integration implementations, Crest is one of largest enterprise software integration enabler bringing data and applications on a unified enterprise platform for single view of anything

In an era of digital transformation, every organization is experiencing application sprawl with overlapping or adjacent functionalities, data is distributed across different databases and applications, and infrastructure is deployed in a hybrid multi-cloud environment. Enterprises dealing struggle to keep the data consistent to provide a consistent security posture and to provide a consistent view across multitude of applications. In order to ensure seamless and consistent experience across all the applications, Enterprises need to build integrations that ensure a smooth and consistent flow of information from one system to another.

Crest Data Systems being one of the largest Enterprise Integrations provider in the world in the areas of Data Analytics and Cybersecurity has helped several small and large Enterprises build rich integrations across their IT Ops and Security infrastructure to ensure that all the infrastructure and applications work with in harmony, seamlessly allowing the flow of information across the IT.

Our Enterprise Integration Architects (EAs) help build integrations with data analytics platforms (Splunk, ElasticSearch, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Moogsoft, etc.) and security platforms including SIEM (Splunk, QRadar, ArcSight, Chronicle, etc.), SOAR (Phantom, Demisto, ServiceNow SecOps, etc.), Firewalls (Cisco, Palo Alto, Checkpoint, etc.) and EDR (Crowdstrike, Symantec, SentinelOne, McAfee, Carbon Black, etc.)

Security Tools and Platform Integrations

As one of the largest Enterprise Security integration developer, Crest Data Systems can help extend capabilities of your organization’s security products in the areas of application security, network security, cloud security, endpoint security, threat Intelligence, incident management, and Identity & Access management. Some of our popular integrations are SIEM (Splunk Enterprise Security, IBM QRadar, MicroFocus ArcSight, Google Chronicle, etc.), SOAR (Splunk Phantom, Palo Alto Demisto, ServiceNow SecOps, etc.), Firewalls (Cisco, Palo Alto, Checkpoint, etc.) and EDR (Crowdstrike, Symantec, SentinelOne, McAfee, Carbon Black, etc.)

Data Integrations, Analytics and AI,ML

Data Integrations, Analytics and AI/ML

As a market leader in the area of building integrations in the Data Analytics market segment, Crest Data Systems has successfully delivered 600+ integrations to deliver deep business insights. Our experts build integrations using data gathered from syslog, API, or custom scripts to ensure that we collect comprehensive data before it is correlated to provide business insights.

Cloud and DevOps Tools and Platform Integrations

Our Cloud and DevOps experts modernize your traditional on-premises applications by leveraging modern development techniques including microservices, modern databases, new UI (ReactJS, AngularJS, etc.) and building a CI/CD pipeline to streamline the build, test, and deploy process. Using prevalent config management and automation tools we also help faster deployment and configuration process.

Cloud and DevOps Tools and Platform Integrations
ITOps and AIOps Technologies and Platform Integration

ITOps and AIOps Technologies and Platform Integration

Our ITOps and AIOps experts help integrate IT systems for monitoring the Infrastructure (Server, Storage, Network, Virtualization), Enterprise Applications, DevOps (build pipeline, config management, containers, etc.) and Cloud. Our engineers are experienced in both ITOps and AIOps and can help with integrations with platforms like Splunk, ServiceNow, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Kubernetes, etc.

How CREST Drives Value?

Domain Expertise and Experience

With an experience of working on 600+ enterprise integrations, our solution architects have gained expertise in areas of security, IT, cloud, DevOps, and data analytics, which can help implement best practices, mitigate risks, and accelerate speed.

Faster Time to Market

Our experts employ innovative and creative strategies to accelerate the implementation of complex enterprise integrations.

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