Managed SIEM Services

We help small and enterprises adopt, customize and manage analytics-driven security using an integrated SIEM platform to improve their security operations

Early detection, rapid response, collaboration to mitigate advanced threats imposes significant demands on today’s enterprise security teams. SIEM’s ability to detect complex and evolving cyber threats makes it an essential and powerful tool to operate security operations center (SOC) for organizations of all sizes. SIEM platforms are expected to resolves many security use cases with following key capabilities:

  • Identity and access Management: Investigate incidents and conduct forensic investigation
  • Log Management and Monitoring: Aggregate all security related events and data (users, applications) in a single platform
  • Managed Vulnerability Scanning: Monitor Threat, generate KPI based alert, investigate threat, ad hoc search and reporting
  • Risk Management and Compliance: Automate retrieval, sharing and responses across the security stack
  • Managed Intrusion Detection: Detect advanced and unknown threats, add threat intelligence and context to events
  • Managed Behavioral Analytics

Our SIEM Services

Crest Data Systems’ managed SIEM services help realize the full potential of SIEM platform without investing the time and resources required to deploy and maintain SIEM Platform. Our experienced security experts help enterprises to proactively detect, investigate and respond to evolving threat landscape at machine speed across their multi-vendor security environments. Enterprises need for dedicated security experts that fully understand the latest threats, detect anomalous behaviour and respond to attacks. Our Managed SIEM services cover:

SIEM Advisory and assessment

Identify gaps in your security posture, define an improvement plan and establish an integrated approach to threat management with CREST security advisors. To maximize a SIEM system ability to detect intruders and to save time of an administrator, ScienceSoft’s security consultants analyze the operation of the SIEM system within the customer’s network and tune it to get rid of false positive correlation rules.

SIEM implementation Support

Deploy a SIEM system on the customer’s network environment.

  • Provide SIEM system basic configuration.
  • Connect out-of-the-box log sources.
  • Connect custom log sources.
  • Deliver a fine-tuned SIEM system and provide reports.

SIEM Deployment

CREST security professionals have earned their reputation for delivering SIEM services that satisfy customers’ needs. SIEM delivery includes the following stages:

  • Final check of the SIEM system performance.
  • Acceptance testing by the customer.
  • Physical handover of all the source codes, documentation and access keys).

SIEM support and maintenance

CREST ensures performance capacity of the SIEM system features and elements included in the scope of a SIEM project we’ve implemented in case the way of log source connection changes, new event types are added or the SIEM system is updated.


  • Reduce the cost of hiring, training, managing, and retaining high-quality security engineering personnel.
  • Reduce your organization’s cyber security risk
  • Maximize the benefit of your SIEM investment
  • Adds meaningful insights and new perspectives to make better security decisions.
  • Demonstrate adherence to required regulatory compliance needs
  • Gain enterprise-wide visibility into the performance of security control.

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