Managed Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) Services

We accelerate and automate security operations and incident resolution by orchestration of security resources and integrating disparate security systems on SOAR Platforms.

For experienced security operations team, keeping up with the evolving threat landscape, increasingly complex IT environments, and changing regulatory compliance requirements is becoming difficult day by day. According to a research survey by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)1, organizations use somewhere between 20-30 individual products, and most creating their own logs and creating hundreds of security alerts overload resulting in inconsistent triage. The report says 54% of those surveyed by ESG say that their organization collects, processes, and analyses more than 6TB of security data monthly, facing over 174,000 alerts per week on average, and are able to review only around 12,000 of them, which results in high MTTR (Mean Time to Respond), taking an average of 4.35 days to resolve an incident as per research findings.

Security Orchestration and Automation Response (SOAR) Services-2

Crest data systems help automate multiple manual actions with the adoption of SIEM products and integrate disparate SIEM solutions through workflows, so that they can function together using Security orchestration and automation platform. We also help enterprises to integrate SOAR with legacy enterprise event monitoring applications. Our experienced SOAR platform experts help enterprises to configure, customize, integrate and deploy SOAR platforms in right way that decrease mean time to response and remediation. Our SOAR implementations have helped enterprises to prioritize alerts, add contextual intelligence, triage alerts quickly, notify stakeholders, report incidents, resulting in SLAs adherence to respond in-time. We provide SOAR Services to:

  • Collect security threat data and alerts from different sources
  • Enable incident analysis, triage and prioritization, both automatically and manually with machine assistance
  • Define and enforce a standard workflow for incident response activities
  • Encode incident analysis and response procedures in a digital workflow format, enabling automation of some or all incident responses

Our SOAR Services

We help Security Operation Centers (SOC) to configure, customize and manage four key components of SOAR defined by Gartner that enable enterprises respond to incidents more effectively.

Security Orchestration

Our SOAR experts provide orchestration services to integrate disparate security specific and non-security specific technologies, setup use case specific workflows, so that they can function together to ease coordination and decision making. We help enterprises to integrate SOAR platforms like Splunk Phantom with other security solutions in a way that lets them “pull” data and also “push” proactive actions, build a unified interface that allows analysts to easily define actions on security tools and IT systems without being experts in those systems or their APIs.


Security Automation

We help Enterprises to integrate SOAR tools to automate repetitive tasks and workflows and free-up experienced analysts to focus on critical investigations and do proactive threat hunting. With the right configurations and deployment, SOAR tools allow security teams to define standardized automation steps and a decision-making workflow, with enforcement, status tracking and auditing capabilities.

Having an experience of working on 200+ security automation implementations, Crest Data Systems can help build use case specific security playbooks, which analysts code using a visual UI or a programming language like Python to automate the SoC operations.

Incident Management and Collaboration

Our services are not confined to only automation and orchestration of security operations, but also fosters team collaboration and build confidence that enterprises execute tasks and decisions on examined, relevant threat intelligence. In addition, we also help security teams manage security incidents, collaborate and share data to resolve the incident efficiently. Our capabilities include:

  • Alert Processing and Triage: Correlate data to identify priority and criticality, and automatically generates incidents for investigation
  • Incident Management- Record threats, incidents, historical responses and decisions, and their outcomes
  • Management of Threat Intelligence: Bring in threat data from open-source databases, industry leaders, coordinated response organizations, and commercial threat intelligence providers.

Benefits We Deliver

  • Maximize the efficiency of limited staff
  • Simultaneously address the multiple alerts
  • Enable Consistent and Collaborative Incident Response
  • Integration and connectors with multiple endpoint
  • Simplify Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • Reduce Dwell time by affected system
  • Reduce Time from Alert to Triage
  • Reduce Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) for all incidents

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