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Develop Comprehensive Splunk Apps

Customers rely on Splunk to make their machine data—Application Delivery, Big Data, IT Operations, Business Analytics, Cloud Solutions, Log Management, Internet of Things (IoT), Security Operations, and more—accessible, usable, and valuable through collection, storage, indexing, and search capabilities. Splunk facilitates its customers with Splunkbase marketplace – a pool of 1700+ Splunk apps and technology add-ons developed by a community of experts.

Yet there are multiple instances where enterprises may demand Splunk integration to proprietary solutions, in order to onboard, index, analyze, or visualize data from the software. Development of Splunk Apps becomes a mandate in such cases. Here, is where Crest Data Systems can help you develop effective Splunk Apps.

IT Operations Apps

Developing Splunk Apps for IT Operations for IT applications or infrastructures can be challenging given the depth and complexity of the products. To meet their business requirements customers need expertise not only with Splunk, but with distinct peripheral IT platforms such as JavaScript, CSS, Python.

Crest Data Systems uses Splunk’s best practices to builds TAs and Apps with intuitive workflows that help IT administrator’s troubleshoot problems faster. These TAs and Apps are Splunk Cloud vetted and Splunk Certified Day 1, giving additional confidence to the Splunk users. We can help you develop modules for Splunk ITSI modules with optimized search queries, correlated data, intuitive workflows and rich interactive UI to help comply with all the Splunk’s best practices.

Security Apps

Whether you are a Security Product Vendor or a SOC Admin, Crest security experts can help you develop modules for Splunk Enterprise and ES and build intuitive workflows with rich UI. We help create & optimize search queries to correlate security data across multiple data sources. We also build bi-directionally between your products and Splunk, using Adaptive Response framework.

Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) with Phantom and Adaptive Response (AR)

Crest can help build bi-directional automation workflow across heterogeneous security appliances and Splunk to rapidly find and remediate ongoing threats using Phantom or Adaptive Response (AR) capability. AR features provide deeper visibility into the endpoints than ever before offering greater security and business value to the customers.

Our Splunk Development Services


We have built 200+ Apps and Technology Add-ons (TAs) for Splunk Enterprise & Cloud for several Fortune 500 customers and technology partners. Our engineers work closely with Splunk, its technology partners, and customers.


Having built 80+ security modules in Enterprise Security, our experienced engineers help customers develop advanced insights for security technologies such as network, endpoint, access, malware, identity, and vulnerability.


Having built more than 20% of all Phantom and AR ecosystem integrations in SOAR segment, we can build bi-directional integration by automating end-to-end workflow between products to shorten the anomaly recognition response time.


Crest Data Systems is only partner responsible for developing ITSI Modules for 3rd party customers. We help clients pinpoint problems quickly by mapping critical services with KPI using advanced features such as glass tables & anomaly detection.

Why Crest Data Systems?

Crest Data Systems is a leading App Development, Managed Services, and Professional Services Partner of Splunk since 2013. We have built 200+ Splunk Apps and Add-ons in IT Operations, Security, and IoT domains for 50+ customers that include Fortune 500 companies as well as Silicon Valley startups. Crest has helped develop or update more than 10% of all apps posted on Splunkbase.

We follow Splunk’s best practices and implement advanced Splunk features to get the most out of the App. Our certified Splunk experts can provide you with customized and tailored apps & Add-ons to meet your business requirements accurately.

Once we gather your requirements, we manage all aspects of software integration process including App Design & Development, QA, Automation, Posting App on SplunkBase, Splunk Cloud vetting, App Certification, Documentation, TOI, and Support.

Splunk App Development Services - Case Studies

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