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Extending the Splunk Enterprise and Cloud platform with Splunk apps allows users to get more data, find more answers and automate their operations. Many OEMs and Splunk customers like you have developed Splunk products, third-party applications and integrations.

With Python 2.7 EOL is scheduled on January 1, 2020, all the Splunk apps and add-ons regardless of whether they are downloaded from Splunkbase or custom-built need to be updated to Python 3 during the support period offered from Splunk.

Out of 100 Splunkbase applications (60 apps and 40 add-ons), we found that 60 (20 apps and 40 add-ons) require migration to python 3 if they had to be compatible with the future release of Splunk versions.

Python Professional Services

Python 3 Compatibility Audit logo
Python 3 Compatibility Audit
  • New Install/Data Onboarding
  • Identify deprecated features
  • List Splunk Enterprise Impacts
  • Real-time Progress Tracking
Python 3 migration icon
Python 3 Migration
  • Upgrade Splunk Enterprise
  • Update Splunk SDK
  • Update Splunk ITSI models
  • Update MLTK models
python 3 development
Python 3 Development
  • Cross-compatible Python scripts development
  • Custom web controllers
  • Custom Mako templates

CREST help Migrate Splunk Instances from Python 2.7 to Python

  • Is your Splunk installation using any of to-be-removed features, which will cease to work upon with Splunk release upgrade to Python 3?
  • Do you find the effort of migrating advanced XML, static/app-packages, SplunkWeb legacy mode, custom web controllers or custom Mako templates isn’t reliable?

If you answered yes to any of the above, let’s talk. As the largest development partner of Splunk we have built 250+ Splunk Apps and Add-ons. We have been working closely with Splunk engineering teams over the past 6+ months to ensure that we understand all the changes needed to make this a smooth transition.

Crest offers professional and managed services for Day-0 (Architecture & Design), Day-1 (Installation & Setup), and Day-2 Operations (Maintenance & Upgrades) with our certified Splunk Admins and Architects to migrate your Splunk deployments and apps to Python 3 compatibility before upgrading.

Key Benefits

Crest offers a professional level of assistance to address your business needs along with migration efforts.

Complete Automation

  • Shift efforts from manual migration to verifying business logic
  • Leverage proven Migration Toolkits

Improve Reliability

  • Reduce risks with experienced team of Splunk Admins and Consultants

Leverage best practices and in-depth expertise of Splunk Migration

Reduce Migration Time

  • Reduce Python Migration Time from Weeks to Hours
  • Use automation to replace tedious error-prone manual tasks
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