AIOps - Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations

Engage us to implement proactive, intelligent and automated IT Operations that gives cognitive insights across services, applications, observability and infrastructure.

AIops Scope

Leverage AI/ML techniques with traditional IT ops management

AIOps is a powerful tool that can help organizations streamline their IT operations and improve the reliability and performance of their infrastructure and applications.

Icons_Page-04c_ServiceNow Development and Consulting
ServiceNow Development and Consulting
As a ServiceNow professional services partner, Crest Data Systems help enterprises to architect, develop, and manage custom ServiceNow applications and integrations with other enterprise systems and data sources to optimize IT, employee and customer workflows.
Icons_Page-04c_Moogsoft Professional Consulting Services
Moogsoft Professional Consulting Services
Our experienced AIOps professionals offer professional and managed services on MoogSoft’s AIOps platform for faster and accurate incident detection & remediation
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CREST AIOps Implementation Approach

A smarter approach to AIOps begins effectively by performing the essential steps to make AIOps possible. The key steps of AIOps include:
Icons_Page-04c_Data Collections Normalization
Data Collection and Normalization
We leverage AIOps platforms and big data technologies to collect, transform and aggregate the data as needed from disparate sources, backup and retain data effectively and maintain data quality sufficient for powering data analytics and machine learning for ITOps.
Icons_Page-04C_Data Analytics
Data Analytics
Once data has been appropriately collected and aggregated, Our data scientists perform statistical analytics to derive insights from the data.
Icons_Page-04c_Machine Learning
Machine Learning
As next step to data analytics, we deploy machine learning models to learn from the results of data analytics and make automated decisions.
Icons_Page-04C_Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
As a finishing step, we bring AI-based cognitive intelligence in automated IT operations to reduce manual interventions.
Our expertise

Our AIOps Technology and Platform Expertise​

CREST AIOps will play a key role in enabling new efficiencies for IT teams. We make practical the adoption of complex next generation AIOps technologies and platforms and integrate them with traditional ITSM solutions. CREST AIOps experts not only helps IT teams to identify problems and areas of concern, it also enables quick resolution of issues once they have been identified using following technologies.
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Case Studies

Moogsoft: Product and Integrations Development FY20

Crest Engineering team helps maintain and evolve the tools to address the market’s ever-changing needs and expand their customer base.

Puppet Module for NetApp E-Series

Custom module development to enhance Puppet configuration management capabilities for NetApp E-Series storage devices.

Trustar: Trustash integrations

Crest developed TruStashes using the TruSTAR framework (third pary integrations).
Working with us

Benefits We Deliver

Our AIOps professional and engineering services are designed to enhance all IT operations functions, including reliability, performance monitoring, security event analysis and response, and IT service management and automation. Using AIOps, CREST delivers key benefits such as:
Icons_Page-04c_Boost service levels
Boost service levels
Using predictive insights and intelligent IT resource orchestration capabilities, we enable IT team to automatically identify and remediate issues.
Icons_Page-04c_Enhance operational efficiency
Enhance operational efficiency

Eliminate manual efforts, streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and establish autonomous operations by leveraging bet-in-class AIOps tools.

Icons_Page-04c_Enhance agility
Enhance agility
We improve agility as well as quality and speed of your ITSM services using intelligent incident detection and remediation.