Crest Data Systems partnered with Elastic to build integration tools and standardized connectors which help the organization to have a unified view of the entire infrastructure and monitor key metrics of their system gaining security insights and increased company productivity.

Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search

Crest Data Systems partnered with Elastic to build open-source Enterprise Search Connectors. We developed and standardized the connectors which help the organization to have a unified view and boosts the team’s productivity by making content from various sources like SharePoint, Network Drives, Microsoft Teams, and more accessible and searchable from the Elastic Workplace Search.


Our team built Observability integrations with Elastic to provide the team a unified view of their entire infrastructure and identify issues by monitoring the key metrics and health of their system. Along with the native Observability and tracing dashboards of Elastic, we also provided custom enriched dashboards to highlight the entire infrastructure state under a single pane of glass.



Our Security experts helped bring security insights to Elastic by integrating some of the most widely used security products and capabilities. Our team has built many of the most popular integrations for Elastic offering customers custom dashboards and rich detection rules.

AdHoc services

Our Elastic Services

Elasticsearch is a distributed, free and open search and analytics engine for all types of data, including textual, numerical, geospatial, structured, and unstructured. Elasticsearch which is built on Apache Lucene is now known as Elastic and is widely known for its scalability, extensibility, simple REST APIs, and speed.

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Our team of experts identify your unique needs and challenges to deliver maximum value from the Elastic platform to meet your requirements along with future proofing the performance of your applications and ensuring your platform is ready for enhancements to come. We use the best implementation standards and strategies to get things done right the first time to increase company productivity.

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We use Elastic company standards and best practices to build Elastic integrations with many third-party applications and data sources that targets Security, Observability, as well as Enterprise Search use cases. We helped ingest and transform data from various Applications, Network, Automation, and Service Management tools to build custom enriched dashboards for analytics and reports on top of the Elastic Platform.

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Elastic Case Study

Crest Data Systems developed Elastic integrations for Security, Observability, and Enterprise Search use cases that help the user bring, analyze and correlate their logs across multiple platforms.

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