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Our experienced AIOps professionals offer professional and managed services on MoogSoft’s AIOps platform for faster and accurate incident detection & remediation

The Role of MoogSoft AIOps Platform in IT Operations

The shift to cloud platforms, the use of increasingly modular application architectures, and the need for resilient enterprise applications, has introduced higher level of complexity that was unseen before. Today, enterprises use varied platforms at the infrastructure stacks, different technologies at application layer, and integrate multiple other tools to get insights on how applications are performing and how users are interacting. This has not only increased magnitude, the manageability of enterprise business applications, but also dramatically declined visibility into the underlying IT systems.
AIOps plays a crucial role in managing and monitoring multiple enterprise applications and underlying infrastructure using Moogsoft, the unified AIOps platform for IT Operations. The next-gen AIOps Platform puts data in to single place and provides contextual intelligence by corelating multiple events to support smart and faster IT incident detections, reduce MTTR and iteratively increase the quality of resolutions, and Mean Time Between Outages (MTBO).

Top Enterprise IT Operations Challenges

IT operations is constantly being challenged by the increasing complexity of enterprise application, network, infrastructure, DevOps operations. The some of the major challenges includes:

MoogSoft Professional and Managed Services

Crest Data System experts can manage, integrate and customize MoogSoft Platform that create AIOps ecosystem to boost collaboration and resolution times for IT Teams.

MoogSoft Integration
MoogSoft Integration
We help ingest data from 50+ out-of-the-box integrations of Application, Network, Infrastructure, DevOps, Automation, and Service Management tools to provide event data to MoogSoft AIOps platform. Our experts can also integrate MoogSoft with your products using REST API, Webhooks, and Logs.
Event Correlation
Moogsoft Event Correlation & Clustering
We help configure MoogSoft platform to correlate alerts across all of your IT services and applications and cluster them into unique situations to correlate related alerts from across your entire monitoring stack. Using Moogsoft, we enable ITOps teams with contextual awareness to discover incidents faster with given situation visualizations and timelines of how any issue has occurred.
Anomalies Detection
Anomalies Detection & Recommend Actions
Our Moogsoft experts can help enterprise to generate real-time insight across their entire infrastructure; and setup collaborative, team-based workflows to quickly and efficiently remediate issues as they arise. Crest Data Systems’ experts can create custom data analytics dashboards that performs real-time analysis at the point of ingestion and historical analysis of stored data to provide accurate predictive and prescriptive insights on IT incidents and pinpoint anomalies.

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