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With more than 100+ Splunk Apps developments and deployments, Crest has built some of the most popular premium Splunk Apps that offer custom dashboards with rich UI using optimal search queries.
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With organically grew security infrastructure, most enterprises have started dealing with a numerous security tools having overlapping functionalities and multiple sources of same data. Some of the key challenges associated with managing an assortment of security tools and technologies from different vendors, including:

  • Too many security alerts. Multiple threat detection tools generate independent security alerts that must be investigated, prioritized, and remediated. When there are too many alerts, security analysts are forced to quickly assess alerts, prioritize a handful, and ignore the rest. This can lead to false positive/false negative situations where analysts waste time chasing dead ends, or disregard serious events. This is exactly what happened at Target when overwhelmed SOC personnel ignored alerts that eventually led to a data breach and over $160 million in unexpected costs.
  • Management and operations overhead. Each security tool must be researched, tested, customized, deployed, and operated. This at times becomes really difficult due to the lack of global cybersecurity skillset, resulting in an overwhelming workload on the existing the cybersecurity staff.

This above challenges clearly indicates why CISOs are looking forward to consolidate and integrate their security infrastructure on a unified platforms to gain visibility, achieve efficiency, and unlock productivity.

Crest Data Systems help enterprises to adopt a Splunk Enterprise Security platform to manage security information and events on a unified platform along with orchestration and automation powered by Phantom for some of the manual tasks in security operations.

Splunk Professional Services

We engineer and manage Splunk Deployments to machine data analytics within IT, security, and business operations.

Crest Data Systems has a proven track record of providing Splunk professional services for Enterprise and Cloud Splunk deployments for IT Ops, Security, Business Analytics and IoT use cases. We have a large team of Splunk-certified consultants who are experienced with some of the most complex Splunk deployments across geographies.

Splunk Deployment

We help install and configure cloud or enterprise Splunk instances with data onboarding, architecture redesign, and migration.

Splunk Application Development

Our certified Splunk Experts can help build custom TAs & Apps, custom splunk dashboards, searches, and reports.

Splunk Optimization

Our experienced Splunk consultants can help optimize performance, perform health checks, and upgrade your Splunk App; including updgrade for Python 3.7.

Splunk Day-2 Ops

We provide 24×7 On-call Support, Training, and manage other day-2 operations for Splunk Platform.

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