Splunk Ninja as a Service

Your 24x7 On-Demand Splunk Expert!

Crest Data Systems, a leading provider of Splunk Services, provides a unique pay-per-use and monthly subscription service to Splunk customers wherein customers have access to our Splunk experts without a huge commitment. Splunk Ninjas are Splunk Architects / Consultants who can help with questions ranging from simple app install / health checks to complex deployment / architecture, Splunk queries, upgrades, etc. Routine use of these services can ensure that you can have a Splunk environment running optimally to provide you with high-value insights.
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How does Splunk-Ninja-as-a-Service Work?

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Our Splunk-Ninja-as-a-Service is a pay-per-use or monthly Splunk consulting subscription that allows small and large Enterprises to plan, prioritize, and execute their Splunk initiatives without having to permanently increase team size or get budget approval for large projects.

Crest’s Splunk consulting services adopts to customer’s changing business requirements and priorities. All you have to do is select a plan that matches your requirements, and we will help your Splunk teamwork through your Splunk projects.

Splunk-Ninja-as-a-Service Packages

Each customer can purchase a plan that suits their requirements with flexible monthly/annual/pay-as-you-go options. Start using the service instantly by paying directly using your Credit Card/PayPal. A registered customer can submit their requests over email or chat/slack to our Splunk Ninjas and receive a response within the SLA timeframe along with an estimate on the # of credits needed to move forward with a given task.
Plan Type
  • Paid Annually
  • % Savings
  • # Hours / Month
  • Response SLA
  • Support Hours


  • $9,995
  • 7%
  • 8
  • 8 Business Hours
  • 7AM - 7PM PST Monday - Friday


$ 2,495 PER MONTH
  • $24,995
  • 17%
  • 24
  • 4 Business Hours
  • 24x5 PST Monday - Friday


$ 4,995 PER MONTH
  • $49,995
  • 17%
  • 48
  • 4 Business Hours
  • 24x7


$ 150 PER HOUR
  • No Commitment
  • -
  • As needed
  • 8 Business Hours
  • 24x5 PST Monday - Friday

Crest Offers Professional and Managed Services


Two types of customers may purchase the Splunk Ninja as a Service plan: Someone who has newly bought Splunk and requires assistance execution of basic of Splunk operations including installing apps, writing Splunk queries, dashboards, health checks, onboarding data, etc. Someone who is experienced with Splunk but needs assistance during major upgrades / migrations, writing complex queries/tasks, app development, data models, etc.


Whether you are novice or advanced user of Splunk, everyone can use an experienced helping hand to ensure that they are making the best out of their Splunk investment. Our program comes with no strings attached – you do not need to do any long-term contracts or worry about hiring any people. We work with your existing team without creating a dent in your budget.


Our Consultants and Architects can help with any task ranging from simple Splunk operations such as installing apps, writing Splunk queries, dashboards, health checks, onboarding data, etc to complex Splunk tasks including upgrades / migrations, app development, writing complex queries/tasks, data models, etc.


You have newly purchased Splunk Splunk Professional Services is too expensive for your needs You need quick help for a major task Need a partner who can be a sounding board to validate your plan


Enroll in the program in less than 5 minutes in 3 easy steps: Identify the program you are interested in Contact the support team if you have questions Make a payment online