Splunk Professional Services

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Progressive Solutions for Improved Efficiency & Insights

Crest Data Systems has a proven track record of providing Splunk professional services for Enterprise and Cloud deployments. We have a large professional services team of Splunk-certified consultants who are experienced with some of the most complex Splunk deployments across Americas, Europe, Middle East, and APAC geographies.

Our solutions cover all aspects of professional services including development, deployment, and optimization for IT Ops, Security, Business Analytics and IoT use cases. Our consultants can help unleash the power of Splunk by deploying an architecture that follows best practices to provide relevant business insights to business owners.

Our Splunk Professional Services

Is your Splunk installation using any of to-be-removed features, which will cease to work upon with Splunk release upgrade to Python 3? Do you find the effort of migrating advanced XML, static/app-packages, SplunkWeb legacy mode, custom web controllers or custom Mako templates isn’t reliable? If you answered yes to any of the above, let’s talk. As the largest development partner of Splunk we have built 250+ Splunk Apps and Add-ons. We have been working closely with Splunk engineering teams over the past 6+ months to ensure that we understand all the changes needed to make this a smooth transition.


(Architecture & Design)


Build Custom TAs & Apps
Custom Dashboards, Searches, Reports


Performance Tuning
Health Checks

Day-2 Ops

24×7 On-call Support
Business Awareness

Splunk Ninjas

Our experienced Splunk Ninjas have domain expertise in the areas of IT Ops, Security, and IoT and offer first-class experience to customers regardless of whether you are looking at help in developing new TA/App, optimizing search by streamlining their SPL Queries, creating custom dashboards with rich UI, improving search by using data models, or any other such development tasks.
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Case Studies

Puppet Module for NetApp E-Series

Tenable.io and Tenable.sc provides the actionable and accurate data you need to identify, investigate, and prioritize the remediation of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your modern IT environment. Without having this plugin, user will need to create JIRA tickets with all details manually and they will need to assign respective authority to take corrective actions.

Inventory Data Visualization

Successfully produced interactive data visualization, automated report generation, Daily email updates and sharing using Tableau. With a successful Tableau set up, we are providing the customer with 100% data maintenance on regular basis.

Splunk Professional Services for Retailer

Despite deploying Splunk, IT troubleshooting was ad hoc, inefficient, and time-consuming. Having had a bad experience with their on-premise Splunk Enterprise, first challenge was to migrate the teams to AWS. Other monumental challenge was education and onboarding 125+ internal teams.
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Splunk Professional Services

Equip your organization with the capability to gain relevant insights from sources of big data by helping you utilize the powerful Splunk platform according to your business need.
Installation Gear
Installation / Upgrades
Our experienced Splunk-certified architects and admin provide unparalleled support for Splunk having implemented some of the largest Splunk clusters for Fortune 500 companies.
Architectural Services
Our certified consultants can help design and optimize Splunk architecture to meet your current needs while planning for scale to align with your business growth.
Health Checks_Bug
Our Splunk experts can run health checks onsite or remotely on a regular basis to provide license usage, resource utilization, server load and status, and search activity.
Performance Tuning
Performance Tuning
Splunk needs periodic tuning to run at peak performance. Our certified consultants can help ensure that the entire Splunk deployment is well-tuned for optimal use.
TA Development
TA Development / Data Onboarding
Having built more TAs (100+) than anyone else in the industry, we have the skillsets to onboard data optimally from any data sources from Security, IT Ops, IoT, and Business Analytics business segments.
Custom Apps
Custom Apps / Dashboards
With more than 100+ Splunk Apps under its belt, Crest has helped build some of the most popular premium Splunk Apps that offer custom dashboards with rich UI using Splunk’s best practices and optimal search queries.
Splunk Clustering
Crest’s Splunk consultants can help setup/configure one of the most complex areas of Splunk – Search Head Clustering and Indexer Clustering for large-scale Splunk installation to allow Splunk cluster to scale to ingest 10TB+ data daily.
ES Deployment
Our experienced Splunk-certified architects and admin provide unparalleled support for Splunk having implemented some of the largest Splunk clusters for Fortune 500 companies.