Splunk Phantom

CREST Splunk developers help develop software applications and integrations to Phantom’s Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) technology with Splunk’s industry-leading big data analytics platform. CREST works closely with security OEMs and IT customers, who are looking to eliminate threats faster and keep their business ahead of the threat landscape.

We extend Phantom SOAR capabilities and integrate it with Splunk Deployments for a faster incident response within IT, security, and business operations space.

CREST helps enterprises and OEMs to develop and manage Phantom Apps and extend the Splunk platform capabilities by integrating third-party security products and tools. Our Phantom developers develop RESTful APIs, command line interfaces, or other management interfaces that allow Phantom Apps to execute actions and connect the Phantom Platform.

Splunk Phantom Development
and Integration Services Services

Professional Services
Data Sources Integration
Our professionals can help you on-board any needed datasets and information required to triage an event at speed and generate custom reports.
Security Playbooks Development and Integration
Having an in-depth expertise on phantom capabilities, our phantom developers can develop and integrate phantom playbooks to efficiently execute the best analyst workflows with no manual interventions.
Threat Intelligence Dashboard and Reports
Armed with ML and AI expertise, our phantom consultants can create dashboards and reports to provide targeted actions for any security incidents and potential risks in events context.
Anomalies Detection
Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tool development
At CREST, we help automate threat identification and remediation activities including containment and ultimately removal of malicious components or any SecOps activities to minimize damage.