About Crest Data Systems

We engineer and manage systems that solve the toughest challenges in analytics, security, and business ops.

Who We are

Founded in 2013, Crest Data Systems is a leading solutions provider in Data Analytics, Security, DevOps and Cloud.

With a clientele that includes several Fortune 500 corporations as well as some of the hottest Silicon Valley Startups, Crest Data Systems strives to help customers build cutting-edge solutions that help them outperform their competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve.

With diverse experience in successful startups as well as global corporations, our team understands the meaning of “Enterprise Software” and the security, compliance, scale, and reliability metrics associated with the term. Putting the customer’s need first is ingrained in our DNA and we go through great lengths to ensure that we keep our reputation.

We believe in us

Our people are our core strength. We hire smart like-minded people who are passionate about technology and have an aptitude to solve challenging problems.

Our employees are our biggest asset and we offer some of the best benefits in the industry. We actively take interest in each employee’s development and growth plan in technology and business management. We encourage healthy technology debates and have interactive forums where engineers can exchange and critic each other’s ideas. We have a mandatory one-day-a-week learning day that encourages employees to learn new topics of interest and present to a broad forum so that everyone else can also benefit from each other.

In addition, we offer tools to develop technical expertise in technology areas including Cisco, VMware, AWS, Microsoft certifications.  We encourage contributing to open-source projects and attending industry conferences. We continuously provide a platform to our engineers to be challenged professionally and guide them to shape a fulfilling career.

Above and beyond

Our Values

Customer First

We prioritize and measure every outcome based on how well we serve our customers.

Empower the Team

We empower each other to grow and lead the way.

Move Fast

We believe in staying agile and executing fast. It helps us learn and improve faster.


We believe in meritocracy. We respect and value people from all backgrounds.

Continuous learning

We are constantly looking for ways to improve and do things better.

Our Leadership Team