Datadog is a monitoring and analytics platform made to be incredibly powerful yet very easy to use. It enables monitoring of servers, databases, tools, and services, through a SaaS-based data analytics platform.

We develop Datadog integrations for critical applications to collect key metrics and logs from your infrastructure to provide actionable insights in a unified platform

With hands-on experience and a strong technology partnership with Datadog, we automate ingestion of metrics, events, and logs with Datadog agent-based integrations. The dashboards provide centralized visibility for the critical applications allowing faster time to value. The team at Crest Data Systems helps Datadog customers derive the most value for their investment in the platform.


Our Datadog Solution Offering

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Datadog Integration

Crest Data Systems uses Datadog’s best practices to build Applications with intuitive workflows that help IT administrators troubleshoot problems faster.  We help ingest data from Applications, Network, Infrastructure, DevOps, Automation, and Service Management tools to analyze key data in Datadog platform.

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Enterprise Implementation

Our experts use a proven implementation methodology for Enterprise applications to ensure your solution is done right the first time. We identify your unique needs and use that understanding to help you quickly extract maximum value from the Datadog platform and set the scene for future enhancements. We can help accelerate your Datadog implementation optimally and achieve faster time to value.


Customer Success Story

Crest Data Systems Value Addition

Case Studies

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Dell Isilon Datadog Integration

Capture crucial metrics and get insights into the health and operation of the Dell EMC Isilon cluster to identify and resolve issues quickly.

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Dell EMC Isilon Integration with Datadog

OOTB dashboards provide centralized visibility for the critical applications providing faster time to value.

Microsoft 365 Defender Integration with Datadog
Maximize the value of Microsoft 365 Defender for Endpoint with the Datadog integration!