IBM QRadar

The IBM QRadar platform has evolved its capabilities from its original network behavior anomaly detection to real-time threat detection to more recent developments that help automate investigations and streamline orchestrated response processes.

We develop, deploy and manage IBM Qradar as Security Intelligence Platform that allows obtaining accurate analytical data on security events in real-time.

With hands-on experience in information security and strong technology partnership with IBM, we extend the capabilities of IBM QRadar Platform helping enterprises to resist possible security threats and data breaches.

IBM QRadar Professional Services
CREST professional services align the IBM Qradar platform’s capabilities, modules and licenses with enterprise IT infrastructure to provide their time-efficient processing for insider frauds and external threats, as well as essential log sources.
IBM QRadar implementation and deployment
We understand enterprise SIEM requirements, deploy Qradar platform architecture using best practices, adjust correlation rules and compliance reports as well as customize set of rules, to prevent false positives.
IBM QRadar Migration
We support enterprises to migrate SIEM and SOAR capabilities to QRadar from other security platforms, and vice versa. by defining migration roadmap and ensuring all data, correlation rules and custom log sources are transferred.
Case Studies

Our Experiences Define Our Identity

TruSTAR Integration with IBM Resilient
TruSTAR partnered with Crest to build an integration with IBM’s Resilient Systems to automatically sends Incident information to TruSTAR and in turn enrich security context for the Incident.