Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility at Crest Data Systems

At Crest Data Systems, we recognise our social obligations and believe in giving back to the society, where we live, work, and do our business. In line with our core values, we believe in being part of building a better tomorrow. Our aim is to uplift the deprived with better community health, access to quality education and improved livelihood opportunities. We recognise that CSR is not just a mandatory obligation of a Corporate, it is actually an opportunity to serve the society. We understand that the business is interdependent with social and environmental systems and business can only flourish if the society prospers and the environment is protected, to ensure this, businesses must positively impact the society and the environment.


We are committed to contributing to the well-being of society and the environment. Our CSR initiatives primarily include:

  • Promoting healthcare including preventive healthcare, hygiene and sanitation
  • Promoting education and skills development
  • Livelihood enhancement
  • Promoting gender equality, empowering women
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability, saving ecological balance
  • Promote rural sports, nationally recognized sports, paralympic sports, and Olympic sports
  • Rural development and development of slum areas

CSR Committee:

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Committee comprises the below Directors:

1. Beena Manoj Shah 

2. Neha Malhar Shah

3. Malhar Manoj Shah


At Crest Data Systems, we aim to create and support meaningful activities that can address society’s issues and uplift the society for a better tomorrow through our CSR initiatives.


It has been widely acknowledged that “Prevention is better than Cure. Preventive health checkups can save a person from severe health problems and loss of life. We have implemented a multi-year CSR project commenced from Financial Year 2021-22, under which the Company along with the implementing agency organises preventive health check-up camps in rural areas. Under this project, preventive health checkup camps are being set up in and around Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and we are detecting the disease at an early stage. The implementing agency screens for diabetes, cervical cancer, breast cancer, and congenital birth defects. After, screening in case of detection of any issues as mentioned above, the implementing agency guide such person for necessary treatment.

Promotion of Education

We believe that education can have a lasting and tangible impact on the upliftment of one’s life. We are focused on skill development programmes, scholarships, promoting innovations, smart classes and integrating technology with education. Through our efforts, we aim to enhance the quality of learning across the nation.


As a part of our CSR initiatives, we have distributed portable steam educational kits (science – mathematics – creative education kits) to certain schools in rural areas. The students of rural areas will avail an advanced level of education in science and other related subjects through these kits. These projects had an impact on ~57 schools and ~25,000+ students.


We have also supported certain female students through our scholarship program implemented through implementing agencies for higher education and encouraged them to build a strong and independent future.