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Are you are among the thousands of OpenStack users who are frustrated with the monitoring and analytics capabilities available thru Horizon today? If so, your OpenStack Monitoring and Analytics nirvana is here!

We are excited to announce the General Availability of Splunk App for OpenStack Analytics after concluding our highly successful Beta program. This release includes following components:

  • OpenStack Analytics Visualization Splunk app
  • Splunk Technology Add-On for Nova
  • Splunk Technology Add-On for Cinder
  • Splunk Technology Add-On for Neutron
  • Splunk Technology Add-On for Keystone
  • Splunk Technology Add-On for Ceilometer

Some of the key features of the OpenStack Analytics App are:

  • Cross-functional event correlation for better visibility in chaos
  • Modular design to scale across multiple clouds with 5,000+ VMs
  • Better visualization to have a quick overview of resource utilization and planning across multiple OpenStack clouds and tenants
  • Easy analysis of events gathered through OpenStack APIs, logs and custom scripts using OpenStack CLI

Feel free to reach out to us at or by filling out the Demo Request Form or email at and will be happy to schedule a WebEx demo to showcase capabilities of our product.

OpenStack Analytics for Splunk Enterprise

OpenStack is a free and open-source cloud computing software platform that helps deliver Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). The technology consists of a group of interrelated projects that control pools of processing (Nova), storage (Cinder), networking (Neutron), and other such resources throughout a data center.

Key Benefits

  • Secure your multi-tenancy private cloud deployment with clear visibility of critical resources
  • In depth analysis and powerful correlation across OpenStack modules
  • Comprehensive data collection through Logs, REST APIs, and Scripted Inputs
  • Highly scalable architecture that can monitor 5,000+ VMs in a single OpenStack deployment and can monitor multiple such deployments

Take a look at sample screenshots of the OpenStack app

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