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01 Oct
Splunk data migration
Splunk Data Migration – Migrating from Single Instance to Indexer Cluster
Category: Splunk
A single instance deployment is often a good approach for testing and POCs. It might even work for smaller environments as it handles all aspects of Splunk including indexing an...
20 Jun
AWS GuardDuty with Splunk
How to Onboard AWS GuardDuty Data into Splunk
Category: Splunk, Splunk Cloud
Recently one of our customers asked us to onboard data AWS GuardDuty threat intelligence data into Splunk. Since the process was not trivial, we decided to publish this for ever...
04 Apr
Getting started with splunk cloud
Getting Started with Splunk Cloud
Category: Splunk Cloud
Crest Data Systems team would like to thank all our customers and Splunk for trusting us as your preferred vendor for their Splunk deployment to be recognized by Splunk APAC Ser...
20 Mar
Understanding Splunk Architecture
Understanding Splunk Architectures and Components
Category: Uncategorized
Splunk is an incredibly robust tool that can scale depending on number of users, amount of data coming in, and number of endpoints sending data to the deployment. In this blog w...
13 Mar
Splunk APAC service partner of the year 2018
Crest Data Systems Named Splunk APAC Services Partner of the Year
Category: Splunk
Splunk announced at its Global Partner Summit last week that it has named Crest Data Systems as its APAC Services Partner of the Year for its exceptional performance and commitm...
19 Feb
lets search with splunk blog banner
Let’s Search the Data Using Splunk
Category: Splunk
Due to the humongous size of data, humans cannot analyze and take appropriate decisions accordingly in the desired time limit. This is where I introduce you to “Splunk!” Splunk ...

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