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10 Mar
Remediate Security Vulnerabilities in npm/Yarn dependencies
Remediate Security Vulnerabilities in npm/Yarn dependencies
Category: Security Vulnerabilities, Vulnera...
Software vulnerabilities are typically the root cause of many computer system security failures. During a software development lifecycle, there are three stages to address such ...
11 Feb
Designing an Accessible Color Palette
Web Accessibility: Designing an Accessible Color Palette
Category: Web Accessibility
The State of Web Accessibility in 2020 This is the second blog post about accessibility. If you missed the first post, Sein Tun does a great write up on the different acceptance...
31 Dec
Deep SIEM Insights with Google Chronicle and Looker
Best of Both Worlds – Deep SIEM Insights with Powerful Business Intelligence Dashboards: Google Chronicle + Looker
Category: Business Intelligence, Google Chr...
Introduction to SIEM Security information and event management (SIEM) solutions collect a range of security and other data from security controls and devices throughout the IT e...
27 Oct
Introduction to Splunk Mission Control
Unify your SOC with Splunk Mission Control Plugins
Category: Splunk, Splunk Mission Control
Introduction to Splunk Mission Control Splunk Mission Control attempts to reinvent security operations, it’s a unified security operations platform that brings together security...
02 Sep
An Introduction on SonarQube1.1
An introduction on using SonarQube
Category: Quality and Security, SonarQube
An Introduction on SonarQube SonarQube is a Code Quality Assurance tool that collects and analyzes source code, and provides reports for the code quality of your project. It com...
28 Jul
Nexus Repository OSS
How to use Nexus OSS User Access Management
Category: Nexus OSS, Uncategorized
What is Nexus OSS Nexus OSS is a free artifact repository with universal format support. It provides a single source of truth for all your components, binaries, and build artifa...
05 Jun
Introduction: DevOps & Site Reliability Engineering
Category: DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering
Development and Operations Throughout the 80’s, and 90’s Systems Administrators (or  SysAdmins) wrote code to create, improve, and manage the computing systems under their ...
16 Apr
How to get your data from various services to MS Teams Channel
How to get your data from various services to MS Teams Channel
Category: MS Teams
MS Teams allows users to create a webhook that allows users to post data into the channel. The user can expose any HTTPS endpoint and design your own connectors. Microsoft has m...
17 Mar
Vulnerability detection using VulnDB integration with Nmap
Category: Vulnerability Detection
Vulnerability management is the process of identifying, classifying, prioritizing, remediating, and mitigating software vulnerabilities. It is crucial to computer security and n...
26 Feb
Advanced Threat Hunting harnessing Chronicle Backstory with Demisto
Advanced Threat Hunting Harnessing Chronicle Backstory with Demisto
Category: Cyber Security
Simplifying Threat Hunting & Remediation by harnessing Chronicle Backstory capabilities with Demisto’s Intelligence orchestration. The cybersecurity landscape is chang...
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