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16 Apr
How to get your data from various services to MS Teams Channel
How to get your data from various services to MS Teams Channel
Category: MS Teams
MS Teams allows users to create a webhook that allows users to post data into the channel. The user can expose any HTTPS endpoint and design your own connectors. Microsoft has m...
17 Mar
Vulnerability detection using VulnDB integration with Nmap
Category: Vulnerability Detection
Vulnerability management is the process of identifying, classifying, prioritizing, remediating, and mitigating software vulnerabilities. It is crucial to computer security and n...
26 Feb
Advanced Threat Hunting harnessing Chronicle Backstory with Demisto
Advanced Threat Hunting Harnessing Chronicle Backstory with Demisto
Category: Cyber Security
Simplifying Threat Hunting & Remediation by harnessing Chronicle Backstory capabilities with Demisto’s Intelligence orchestration. The cybersecurity landscape is chang...
11 Feb
Splunk Search - Introduction to SPL
An introduction to the Splunk Search Processing Language
Category: Splunk, Splunk SPL
Overview Splunk offers an expansive processing language that enables a user to be able to reduce and transform large amounts of data from a dataset, into specific and relevant p...
20 Dec
web accessibility blog banner
Web Accessibility: How to Enable Access for Everyone
Category: Web Accessibility, Web Development
Accessibility is seldom discussed in today’s web development and design. The web is fundamentally designed to work for all people, regardless of their hardware, software, ...
10 Dec
Debugging Splunk App using Python
Debugging Splunk App/Add-on Using Python Debugger
Category: Python, Splunk
Overview While developing Splunk apps and add-ons, we rely heavily on Python for various third-party integrations. Even though tested, Sometimes we run into issues when the code...
01 Oct
Splunk Data Migration Blog Image
Splunk Data Migration – Migrating from Single Instance to Indexer Cluster
Category: Splunk
A single instance deployment is often a good approach for testing and POCs. It might even work for smaller environments as it handles all aspects of Splunk including indexing an...
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