We provide an opportunity to solve difficult problems creatively, and the infrastructure to ensure you are constantly developing.

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Are you passionate about technology and want to work in high performing teams? Join us! We work with multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 customers on cutting-edge technologies who demand nothing less than excellence from us. We are committed to building a workplace that fosters inclusivity along with productivity. We offer highly competitive benefits and compensation to our employees.

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Why work at Crest Data Systems?

We strongly believe that our employees are our biggest asset and hence we offer some of the best benefits in the industry. We actively take interest in each employee’s development plan and offer opportunities to develop their technical expertise in various areas including Splunk, Cisco, VMware, RedHat, or Microsoft certifications, contributing to open-source projects, attending various industry conferences etc. We mandate one-day-a-week learning day that encourages employees to learn any new area of interest and ask our people to present in a broad forum so that everyone else can also benefit from each other. In addition, we work with each employee to make a customized growth plan so that we can help individuals to grow not only financially but also help them progress towards the path of technical or managerial excellence.

We work with a clientele that ranges from multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 customers to some of Silicon Valley’s hottest startups on cutting-edge technologies who demand nothing less than excellence from us. Therefore, we are looking for top talent and offer highly competitive packages to our employees.

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Our Culture

Our people are our core strength. We hire smart like-minded people who are passionate about technologies and have an aptitude of solving challenging problems. We value creativity and smartness over experience. We foster an environment of collaboration, teamwork and a routine to work hard & play hard.

We believe in operating in lean and flat high-performance teams. This way, we identify key high-performing achievers and reward based on meritocracy. We continuously provide a platform to our engineers to be challenged professionally to achieve more. We heavily emphasize learning, mentoring, teaching, and collaboration in order to develop each employee intellectually as well as professionally. Each engineer spends one day every week to learn a new technology and present his/her findings to the rest of the team. We encourage healthy technology debates and have interactive forums where engineers can critic each other’s ideas.

We solve customers’ complex product engineering and operational challenges by creating a thriving environment for our engineering talent.