Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

We help you build, deploy and manage platforms across hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure to maximize ROI.

Our SRE Services

Site Reliability Assessment

Reliability Assessment

Crest’s SRE engineers remain an integral part of the transformational journey to evaluate enterprise infrastructure, platforms and applications as per SRE best practices and recommend optimizations of end to end Day 2 tasks as below:

Reliable System Architecture Design

Having diverse skill set and years of experience in reliability engineering, our SREs recommend the best in class solutions that allow autonomous scaling and high availability to withstand changing requirements. During Design phase, our SRE experts help for following:
Site Reliable System Architecture Design
Site Reliability Optimization

Reliability Optimization

We work closely on the day to day tasks, we work with SMEs/Cross functional teams to triage and resolve reliability issues from application, platform, database, and infrastructure perspective.

Reliability Monitor System

Site Reliable System Architecture Design
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Case Studies

Scale cloud infrastructure with automation

Crest helped the Splunk Cloud operations team in creating the next-generation automation system at scale.

Why work with us


Reduce risk and operational overhead.

Ensure optimal resource utilization.

Industry-standard reliability runbooks.

Automatic recovery procedures from failure.

Increase availability with auto-scale horizontally.