Managed Cloud Exchange

Managed Cloud Exchange

Managed offering of Netskope Cloud Exchange that provides customers with powerful integration tools to leverage investments across their security posture.

Amplify Your Security Posture Investments with Managed Cloud Exchange

Netskope, Inc. (“Netskope”), a SASE leader, has productized an innovative solution, Cloud Exchange (“CE”), that enables customers to share security and telemetry information. This solution is now made available as a Managed Offering by Crest Data Systems Private Limited and its subsidiary i.e. Nimble Data Technologies, Inc. (“Crest Data Systems”), an Authorized Managed Cloud Exchange (“MCE”) Partner of Netskope. Managed Cloud Exchange offers organizations more ways to provision, deploy, and manage the platform to provide seamless access to Netskope telemetry, external threat intelligence, and risk score sharing across existing security investments to stop cloud threats sooner. The managed service for CE includes a 99.9% SLA availability, 24×7 support, and an up-to-date code set that takes advantage of all of the new integrations and features Netskope releases every month to help its customers continue to maximize value from their investment. 

Managed CE is hosted in the AWS region of your choice to ensure better performance. Below are the key benefits of Managed CE.

“Cloud Exchange as a managed service fills a significant need for resource-strapped organizations and puts them in a position to expeditiously operationalize Netskope’s valuable cloud intelligence across their security stack.”

Andy Horwitz, Vice President of Business Development, Netskope
Above and beyond

Supported Integration Tools by Managed Cloud Exchange

Managed Cloud Exchange as a product delivers four integration tools to its users. First, it improves security operations by pushing rich events, alerts, and event streaming logs from Netskope into your SIEM, Data Lake, or XDR/MDR service. Second, it automates multi-directional IOC sharing between your defenses including Netskope, endpoints, email gateways, and SIEMs. Third, it automates service ticket creation and notifications based on selected Netskope alerts in IT service management and collaboration tools. Fourth, it normalizes multiple user and device risk scores and invokes investigations into, or actions in response to raw, aggregate, or combinations of risk scores to reduce overall risk to the enterprise. For further information on CE, please visit the product webpage Netskope Cloud Exchange or the product knowledge portal Netskope Cloud Exchange Knowledge Portal.


Cloud Log Shipper

Feed SOC and MDR/XDR services


Cloud Ticket Orchestrator

Streamline investigations and response


Cloud Threat Exchange

Improve attack neutralization


Cloud Risk Exchange

Enable zero trust principles

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