What is SIEM?

Our security experts offer a full suite of security services to prevent, investigate, and rapidly respond to evolving threats.

What is Managed SIEM Services?

Early detection, rapid response, collaboration to mitigate advanced threats imposes significant demands on today’s enterprise security teams. SIEM’s ability to detect complex and evolving cyber threats makes it an essential and powerful tool to operate security operations center (SOC) for organizations of all sizes.
SIEM Scope
What is SIEM Services expected to do?

SIEM platforms are expected to resolves many security use cases with following key capabilities:

Identity and access Management
Investigate incidents and conduct forensic investigation
Log Management and Monitoring
Aggregate all security related events and data (users, applications) in a single platform.
Managed Vulnerability Scanning
Monitor Threat, generate KPI based alert, investigate threat, ad hoc search and reporting.
Risk Management & Compliance
Automate retrieval, sharing and responses across the security stack.
Managed Intrusion Detection
Detect advanced and unknown threats, add threat intelligence and context to events.
Managed Behavioral Analytics
Above and beyond competition

Benefits We Deliver

Reduce the cost of hiring, training, managing, and retaining high-quality security engineering personnel.
Icons_Page-04b_Configuration Management
Reduce your organization’s cyber security risk
Icons_Page-03_Managed SIEM Services
Maximize the benefit of your SIEM investment
Icons_Page-02_Security Data Analytics
Adds meaningful insights and new perspectives to make better security decisions.
Icons_Page-04a_Platform Migration
Demonstrate adherence to required regulatory compliance needs
Gain enterprise-wide visibility into the performance of security control.