What is SOC?

Our security experts offer a full suite of security services to prevent, investigate, and rapidly respond to evolving threats.

Crest managed security

What is Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) Services?

Today’s rapidly growing amount threats and its complexity demands smarter and more adaptive managed security operations. A highly collaborative, effective and efficient security systems can provide complete visibility across all security operations. Despite having all systems in place, it takes in-depth expertise to realize full potential and integrate disparate security systems to accurately prioritize, prevent, detect and respond to multiple threat tasks.
In addition, your SIEM and SOAR platforms should be tuned in real-time to respond to the changing threat landscape by using advanced analytics and automation as a foundation.
Crest Data Systems’ Managed SOC services address challenges currently present in today’s SOC environments and helps enterprises to continually detect, mitigate and respond to hidden threats.

Key Enterprise Security Operations Challenges

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Benefits We Deliver

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Minimize exposure to cybersecurity attacks
Our cyber security experts efficiently manage and optimize security posture using advanced security systems and so you can focus on core business objectives.
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Reduce cost of security operations
With Crest’s managed SOC service, enterprises can reduce in-house security staff to maintain security operations center. We also help improve return on overall technology investment by reducing required disparate and expensive SIEM solutions that are difficult to manage.
Instant, up-to-date visibility of security posture
Our experts help you scale security operations to increasing numbers of users, applications or devices threats through our Cyber Threat defence portal and SIEM platforms.
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Depth and breadth of cyber security intelligence
Our experienced security experts provide Expert guidance to improve everything from tool selection to creation of automated remediation workflows.
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Improve mean time to resolution (MTTR)
We help enterprises to reduce time from threat detection to response by quickly identifying potential threats, prioritize them using business context and respond to them with depth and breadth of our cyber security intelligence gained over the years.