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Delivering Valuable Insights from Machine Data

As a Splunk Managed Service Provider, Crest Data Systems helps Enterprises to monitor and troubleshoot Splunk and improve the uptime while reducing Splunk administration costs.

Our certified Splunk experts can ensure fast and reliable solutions of Splunk integration, deployment, management, and monitoring by using best practices that provide unparalleled operational insights and drive performance to maximize your Splunk investment.

Our Splunk Managed Services

With deep technical expertise from infrastructure to applications and with proven experience of implementing Splunk for Fortune 500 Enterprises, our Splunk professionals will manage your Splunk needs 24×7 including monitoring infrastructure (forwarders, indexers, search heads, etc.), system upgrades, monitoring of log collection, custom dashboards and reports, searches, and alerts.

24×7 Infra Management
  • Monitor Health of Splunk
  • Create Data Archival & Retention Policies
  • Upgrade Splunk and various TAs/Apps

Data Onboarding
  • Acquire data from varied Sources
  • Parse and Normalize Data
  • Create Data Models


Search & Investigate
  • Optimize SPL Queries
  • Categorize Data & Data Modeling
  • Build custom TA and Apps


Dashboards & Alerts
  • Rich Visualizations with drill-downs
  • Correlate Events with Data Lookups
  • Accelerate Reports

Splunk Ninjas

Our experienced Splunk Ninjas have domain expertise in the areas of IT Ops, Security, and IoT and offer first-class experience to customers regardless of whether you are looking at help in developing new TA/App, optimizing search by streamlining their SPL Queries, creating custom dashboards with rich UI, improving search by using data models, or any other such development tasks.


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Splunk Managed Use Cases

Engage our team of 100+ Splunk Engineers, Architects, and Consultants for dedicated 24×7 maintenance of your Splunk infrastructure, content creation, and security event detection and response for IT Ops and Security use cases.

Managed IT Operations

Setting up IT infrastructure is challenging but keeping the infrastructure up and running 24×7 every day is even more challenging. Enterprises, who want to streamline their operations, reduce their infrastructure management costs, and adhere to stringent security & compliance standards, rely on Splunk Managed IT Services Professionals.

Our Splunk experts help enterprises to manage IT operations with an expertise not only in Splunk but also in peripheral IT functions such as IT ticketing & change management systems, infrastructure, security, and compliance. We help clients to build custom solutions which enable bi-directional integrations between their product and Splunk using the Adaptive Response Framework. These solutions help to create an automated workflow thereby reducing the time to respond to threats dramatically and enabling SOC administrators to take the right action without any delays and more importantly without any human intervention. Adaptive response features provide deeper visibility into the endpoints than ever before offering greater security and business value to the customers.

Security Apps by Crest Data Systems

Managed Security With Splunk ES

Crest Data helps configure threat sources, threat intelligence (TI), security monitoring, incident response and rehabilitation through Splunk ES for some of the world’s most sophisticated corporate and public-sector networks.

Our team of dedicated Splunk Consultant II’s and Architects goes well beyond our managed SIEM offering to provide tailored data analysis to both prevent and detect cyber security threats to your organization.

This offering includes the addition of the Splunk ES Application to your existing Splunk environment, tailored security analytics customized to your specific IT environment, IT Security monitoring, incidence response, incidence remediation and integration of any existing AV.

Splunk Managed Services Case Study

Splunk Enterprise Managed Services
Crest Data Systems helps Autodesk improve their Splunk uptime while reducing their Administration costs by 60%