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Leveraging Complex Machine Data To Insightful Business Actions Through Splunk – App Development, Professional Services, and Managed Services


Are you getting real-time insights from Splunk?
Are you finding it difficult to hire Splunk Talent?
Are you maximizing your Splunk Investment?

If you answered yes to any of the above, let’s talk. Our comprehensive Splunk Services have helped companies ranging from small Startups to Global Fortune 500 Enterprises.
We are fully focused on delivering Splunk based data analytics, intelligence and reporting solutions & services since 2013. We have experience and expertise to maximize benefits of your Splunk investment.

Customers rely on Splunk to make their machine data—Application Delivery, Big Data, IT Operations, Business Analytics, Cloud Solutions, Log Management, Internet of Things (IoT), Security Operations, and more—accessible, usable, and valuable through collection, storage, indexing, and search capabilities.

Splunk facilitates it’s customers with Splunkbase marketplace – a pool of Splunk apps and technical add-ons developed by their own experts. The idea behind these Splunk apps is to avail customers with the benefits of 1,600+ apps to extend Splunk’s functionality, without carrying out custom Splunk development.

Yet there are multiple instances where enterprises may demand Splunk integration to proprietary solutions, in order to onboard, index, analyse or visualize data from the software. Development of Splunk Apps becomes a mandate in such cases. Here, is where Crest Data Systems can help you develop the most efficient Splunk Apps.

150+ Apps & Add-ons

100+ Splunk Experts

120+ Splunk Projects

(App Development, Professional Services, Managed Services)

50+ Global Customers

  Why Crest?

Crest Data Systems is a leading App Development, Managed Services, and Professional Services Partner of Splunk since 2013. We have built 150+ Splunk Apps and Add-ons in IT Operations, Security, and IoT domains for 50+ customers that include Fortune 500 companies as well as Silicon Valley startups.

Crest accounts for ~10% of all apps posted on Splunkbase. We follow Splunk’s best practices and implement advanced Splunk features to get the most out of the App. Our certified Splunk experts can provide you with customized and tailored apps & Add-ons, 24×7 maintenance & implementation services  to meet your business requirements accurately. We help your business Reduce Operational costs, Improve Splunk Uptime alongwith Advanced Security Analysis.


Once we gather your requirements, we manage all aspects of software integration process including App Development, QA, Automation, Posting App on SplunkBase, Splunk Cloud vetting,App Certification, Documentation, TOI, and Support. Work with our company to enjoy the following benefits:

  • 100+ engineers dedicated to Splunk projects
  • Splunk-certified Admins, Architects, and Consultants
  • 50+ customer implementations ranging from hi-tech startups to Fortune 500 companies
  • Largest Splunk Development Partner in the Splunk Ecosystem having built 150+ Splunk Apps/TAs
  • Address all your Splunk needs including Development, Implementation, and 24×7 Splunk Administration

Splunk Ninjas

Our experienced Splunk Ninjas have domain expertise in the areas of IT Ops, Security, and IoT and offer first-class experience to customers regardless of whether you are looking at help in developing new TA/App, optimizing search by streamlining their SPL Queries, creating custom dashboards with rich UI, improving search by using data models, or any other such development tasks.



Our Splunk Services

Development Services
  • Technology Add-ons (TA) & Apps
  • ITSI Modules for ITOps
  • ES Domain Add-ons for SecOps
  • Adaptive Response integrations for ES
  • Custom Splunk OEM Solution

Professional Services
  • Architecture Services
  • Deployment, On-boarding, Configuration
  • Upgrades & Migration
  • Integration services
  • Training

Managed Services
  • Manage Implementation, Configuration, Optimization
  • Manage Day-to-Day Operations
  • 24*7 Monitoring & Administration
  • Advanced Correlations & Forecasting
  • Customer Escalation Support for Splunk Integration

Since 2013 Crest Data Systems has catered to stringent Data Analytics needs of 50+ Industry-leading clients in the areas of IT Operations, Security, Internet of Things (IoT), Business Analytics, and Application Performance Management (APM). Crest works closely with each client to build a custom cutting-edge solution that help client outperform their competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve.

Categories we cater in:

IT ops
Business Analytics

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