Splunk Recognizes Crest Data Systems APAC partner of the Year
Splunk announced at its Global Partner Summit last week that it has named Crest Data Systems as its APAC Services Partner of the Year for its exceptional performance and commitment to Splunk’s Partner+ Program. The Splunk APAC Services Partner of the Year award recognizes an APAC Splunk partner that is actively engaged in services implementations and demonstrates a strong commitment to training and certification of its organization. This partner consistently sees high customer satisfaction in
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Big Data! In today’s world, humans and machines generate vast amounts of data every second. This data, when analyzed correctly, can provide deep sights to help make our lives better. Due to the humongous size of data, humans cannot analyze and take appropriate decisions accordingly in the desired time limit. This is where I introduce you to “Splunk!” Splunk Capabilities Splunk offers amazing capabilities of monitoring, analyzing and visualizing data at large scale. Splunk provides the